Top Free Best Code Editors For beginners Windows,Linux and Mac :[2021]

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If you get uninterested in exploiting a similar text editor and wish for a change?. or simply start and could not decide that one to use then keep tuned, during this article we tend to get you coated with the highest best text editor that you simply will use.

A text editor may be software with that you organize your code and there's no number one best text editor, it varies from person to person supported its support for various languages, light-weight or not, computer program, etc., therefore, the selection is yours to make.

1. VS Code:

VS Code or Visual Studio Code is ok PRN supply text editor developed by Microsoft, is that the most used text editor out there. and that I in person use it too thus I undoubtedly suggest you guys additionally.

First thing, it's free and cross-platform i.e it's on the market in Windows, Linux, Mac-OS and it additionally terribly extensile and you'll install Extensions for nearly all the popular programming languages out there and you do not have to be compelled to hassle day, and it supports its own terminal and program, supports linting and despite being free, cross-platform and extensile it's light-weight and quick and this is often the explanations why it's well-liked.

support of portable mode:

Visual Studio Code supports Portable mode. This mode enables all data which are created and managed by VS Code to measure near itself, so it is often moved around across environments. You just need to create a data folder inside after extracting the zip file so that what are all the extensions, settings, and additional data are preserved there and whenever updates come you can move that data folder to the newly extracted file Without losing any extensions, themes or settings. personally, I use this because I can carry this data folder including other extracted files wherever I want and run on different pc and I also share that with my friends just because it is fully ready to use

2. sublime text:

sublime is additionally cross-platform, although it's free it is not utterly free there's a wired pop-up forever showing users to pay $80 to stay active and that is not that a lot of of a deal and elegant text is that the lightest and quickest text editor out there. Here you'll install plugins for various programming languages, sublime Text has extraordinarily easy and powerful shortcuts and it's out there for over a decade.

The sublime text provides endless cool plugins but you cannot work integrating projects from git hub like vs code and also can't debug most of them. Leaving that aside most of the developers or students don't like it because of that annoying pop-up that always asks for a paid subscription so many of them migrate to another code editor. But it still user-friendly and simple to code and edit.


Vim is one of the oldest text editors out there that programmers still use. If you would like to use Vim you would like to find out several keywords thus Vim isn't beginner-friendly and that we do not suggest it for beginners. It’s designed to use each a command-line interface (CLI) and as a standalone application in an exceedingly graphical computer program (GUI). If you a good fan of awing UI then this one isn't for you.

Vim is generally used by developers and in the IT field. It is super lightweight and exists in all GNU/Linux platform and with no much dependency. 
It shows the corrupted portions where it has gone wrong visually.
If you are a beginner in coding and never used Linux and all-time a windows users then I would never recommend this because the graphical user interface is not at all satisfied and not the same as developed for Linux which is highly flexible.


atom text editor

 Atom is nevertheless one among the clean and customizable text editors that square measure developed by GitHub understand for its version management service and recently non inheritable by Microsoft. And if you're a crazy fan of UI customization then this one is evidently virtually you'll modification CSS code. And it does all the things what text editor do nothing a lot to inform.

is it free?

atom is perfectly set for beginners and completely free you can use it instantly after downloading and able to code different programming languages. atom is frequently updated and fixed it doesn't have a long load time when you open and you feel comfortable after weeks of using it so what are you waiting for go and download and code.


Brackets is a clean and easy text editor that's chiefly centered on frontend development, the live preview feature ensures that every one developer will see their work a lot visually. And it's created by Adobe Systems. It’s additionally on the market on mack, Linux, and Windows machines. Also, developers will transfer their own extensions via GitHub.

why choose brackets

Brackets are used for several years for developing web applications supported HTML, CSS, and BootStrap. it's being most popular over the opposite IDE due to its feature of live preview, which permits seeing the results of the developing application live and as quickly as potential. it's not solely used for developing web-based applications however additionally used for writing computer code codes in varied supported languages like Java, C/C++, Python, Groovy, etc. This IDE supports all the trendy languages, and it's a flare in weight. Moreover, it's accessible to use freely.



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  1. Very informative, vscode is always best

  2. Hey Suraj ,

    Excellent and well-written post. It is my first time commenting on your blog post and am glad to say that you have done a fabulous work and provided the best code editors for beginners to use. You have presented each code editors in an impressive way along with their key features and every necessary details that are true enough to understand & educate the readers. Your included each code editor ideas are helpful & effective to use but an idea of using Sublime text, Atom and VS Code will be favorite of mine among the list.

    After going through this complete guide i really gain ideas and am sure that this post is definitely going to help lots of people, readers and especially those who are looking for the best code editors. Good work and keep sharing more similar post.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such an informative post.


    1. Thanks for your wonderful compliment and nice that my post was helpful and the information credits goes to founder Sagar

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